Where Can I Get Catchy and Unique Jane Eyre Essay Topics

Where Can I Get Catchy and Unique Jane Eyre Essay Topics

Jane Eyre, published first as an Autobiography, is a novel written by Charlotte Brontë, an English writer. The book has seen a small history of publications:

  • It was first published by Smith, Elder and Co. under the name “Currer Bell” in October 1847
  • It was later published the next year in America by Harper and Brothers
  • The first adaptation of the novel was the post-colonial novel Wide Sargasso Sea. After this, it has been taken through musicals and TV movies up until 2011, when it was made into a motion picture.


This novel is a first-person narrative of the main and namesake character. It is set in North England under the rule of King George III and it goes through 5 stages:

  • Jane’s growing up at Gateshead Hall, where her relatives torture her
  • Her education at the Lowood School, a place at which she makes some friends and meets role models but also where she suffers from oppressions
  • Her days as the governess at Thornfield Hall, where she finds her first love
  • Her days with the Rivers family, where her clergyman cousin proposes to her
  • Her reuniting with (and wedding to) her first love

During these times, the novel questions the authorities and looks into some of the major issues and ideas, many of which even affect today’s world


This novel is widely and critically acclaimed. It has been appreciated over many decades and is still a must-read in today’s world. Even if you cannot get your hands on a copy of the three volumes of this book, one should definitely invest time into watching one of the movies or musicals if they get the time. The question of catchy essay topics will not be an issue once you have read the book or watched the movie. Jane Eyre is so captivating that essay topics should come to mind while reading it! However, if you still cannot think of suitable essay topics to write on, have a look at summary notes compiled online across various websites and platforms. Hard copy books with summaries and thematic explanations of the same are available in most major bookstores and libraries; you just have to get your hands on one in order to go through with the process. Make sure you definitely invest some time in this phenomenon. It is a wonderful read and a great watch.

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