Tips on how to learn from an APA essay example

Tips on how to learn from an APA essay example

Every college student will at some stage you would think be required to write an essay using the APA format. This format has been developed over many years and is the official style is used by the American Psychological Association, the APA. It can work for the creation of essays and dissertations in a wide range of subject matters certainly in education, psychology and the social sciences. The APA format sets out procedures in the layout of your essay, how the content is formulated and such things as spacing between lines, title page, citations and margins.

The best advice in using an APA essay example is to go online and the study the many examples provided. They are free. You should make simple notes as to these basic requirements. They are not difficult to understand and the sooner you grasp them, the easier it will be to use the APA format in all the relevant essays you produce. Here are some of the basics.

  • Double space your typing
  • a margin of at least 1 inch on the sides, the top and bottom
  • page number in the top right-hand corner
  • you must have a title page
  • you must have a reference list

Most of these points are self-explanatory. If you make a simple list of the requirements of an essay in the APA format, it will be easy for you to check each of the points once you have completed your essay. Remember if the APA format is a required part of your essay, no matter how well you write the essay, unless it meets the requirements you will get a lower mark and possibly a fail.

Obviously you need to choose the right topic because if it is a subject you are happy to write about or are able to research and write well about, you make life much easier for yourself. But having written a really good essay, it’s time to double check that you meet all the requirements of the APA format.

It’s possible to set the software on your computer or tablet to a fixed position for your essays. In other words you set up the pages so that there is a title page, and that all pages have the 1 inch margin all the way around, that the page number is correct for the top right-hand corner and finally that your citations are correct and follow the appropriate requirements.

Remember that the research of the topic and the writing of the topic are by far the most important aspects of your essay. But once they have been achieved, the layout must be precise. If in any doubt, talk to your tutor or professor. Remember that there are hundreds of examples of the APA essay format freely available online. Read, observe and learn.

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