How to Write a Story Essay

How to Write a Story Essay

Narrative essays, or story essays, might seem like an unusual thing to write, but the narrative essay is usually the most enjoyable type of essay to read. The key to writing a strong story essay it share a story that shows the human condition. This allows readers to quickly connect with you and what you have to share. Your essay will include the story as well as the lesson that you learned during and after the experience. Here are few tips to help you get the narrative/story essays started and finished:

Write an introduction

Despite the fact that you are telling a story, you are still writing an essay. You will need an introduction with a hook, bridge, and thesis statement. Almost every essay is subtly persuasive in nature, so you will prove a particular life lesson and your thesis will include that lesson.

Tell your story

The highlight of the essay is the story, so you should tell it. Be sure to include paragraphs, so your reader does not get lost in the thickness of a giant paragraph. You do not necessarily need to include dialogue, unless it adds to the story.

Make transition words useful

The transitions you use are important in a story essay. The transitions will help the reader understand exactly what is happening and how each element of the story relates to other parts of the story. Without transition words, your readers will have difficulty following your story.

Insert your opinion and thoughts

Since this is your story, you should share your own thoughts about the things that happened and what you learned. In many story essays, the voice of the writer is what makes the essay so interesting to read. Go deeply into your thoughts and experiences to bring the reader into your story.

Include a conclusion

Your conclusion should include a restated thesis so ther eader is reminded about the main idea of your story and what you have been trying to show about the human condition. Just like any other essay, include the restated thesis, important ideas or events that occurred in your story, and end with a connection to the hook.

It is always helpful to read several narrative essays before you write your own. Once you understand the flow of a narrative essay, you will quickly be able to write your own.

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