How to write a good English essay

How to write a good English essay

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If you want to write better research papers or college essays, or even do better on your homework, there are certain learning strategies you can use. Students who become strategic when it comes to learning can improve their essential skills and their subject matter expertise. This model was created as a way of imbedding effective learning strategies into the classroom and into homework. But how does it work?

Learning strategies

Learning strategies are the methods that students use to learn. These methods vary from student to student and some are more helpful to certain students than others. Learning strategies are useful when students learn new skills, practice their new skills, or apply their new skills in different situations.

So many students have found themselves sitting in a lecture, spending hours reviewing class notes after, looking back over text book chapters and trying to prepare for a test. And in the end it amounts to a disappointing grade even though time was spent reviewing worksheets and answering questions strategically located at the end of every textbook chapter.

Why does this happen all too often?

  • Because good effort is highly admirable but is not always enough to promote better learning
  • Students may need more than just chances to practice their lessons
  • Students need a systematic and organized approach to learning that helps them retain information for the long term

In order for this to happen, students have to do three things:

  • Students need to first learn what their learning style or learning preference is and what challenges they might have. They need to articulate this information and act upon it in a meaningful way.
  • Students need to set reasonable milestones for their assignments that take into account a timeline for how long a particular assignment will take, how much time they can dedicate to help (via tutoring or one on one hours with the teacher) , and difficulties that could interfere with keeping a good schedule (such as after school activities).
  • Students have to then develop effective strategies that enable them to streamline their learning process and prepare themselves for better retention and use of the concepts they learned.

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