Essay about Signs of Aging

Essay about Signs of Aging

Millions of women dread the signs of aging. While this is something most people will deal with as they get older, it is really nothing to worry about. There are aspects such as genetics, living habits and environmental issues that play a role in how a person ages. Fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, aches and pains, and even skin discoloration are typical signs of aging many people do not want to face. But the reality is there are ways to help people age gracefully and accept this natural part of life without feeling bad about it. For many people it is how they look at the situation from their personal perspective.

The signs of aging are known to appear sooner depending on activities and habits a personal does on a regular basis. For example, if you drink alcohol often, smoke or have a poor diet, chances are you may start to show signs of aging sooner than you think. People typically show signs in their mid to late 40s and 50s. But, some have been known to deal with wrinkles, fine lines and droopy/sagging skin in their 30s and 20s. There are products younger adults and middle aged adults are recommended to use to fight signs of aging, but many of them are questionable regarding how effective they are.

There is a process the body goes through that makes aging visible to the naked eye. Most aging signs occur on the face and under the eyes with bags, fine lines known as crow’s feet or wrinkles that do not want to go away. The skin begins to lose an important ingredient it makes called collagen. The body produces this nutrient to help skin layers stay moisturize, firm and smooth. Elements such as living habits, genetics and personal skin needs tend to have an effect on how well the body produces this nutrient as it ages.

When collagen slows down in production it leads to dry skin. This makes it easier for aging signs to be visible including skin discoloration and spotting. As people age, they can look into natural alternatives to improve skin health. This may include learning roles ingredients play in skin care products, considering healthier alternatives such as organic natural skin care, quit smoking and adopting a daily skin care regime that ensures skin stays clean and healthy. Since aging is a natural process that occurs on its own there is little we can do to stop it completely.

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