Essay about Romeo and Juliet

Essay about Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is the depiction of the life of two characters in love through a play. As intended by Shakespeare, the composition has made the names of the two characters synonymous with love because they encountered several intrigues in pursuit of a glamorous life. Throughout the narration, Juliet had the desire of coming face to face with the love of his life. Her reality came to pass when she met Romeo the guy of his dreams for only a short while. Just like it was during the ancient times, they held love with high esteem even though things did not materialize as per their wishes. Despite the two cherishing each other, their story ended in tragedy as both died resulting in the unification of their families. The love of Romeo and Juliet received much opposition from the beginning leading to the misunderstanding of the couple’s families. However, on their death the events that followed united their relatives. As a result, the intrigues serve as a lesson to sensitize audiences about the possible outcomes of pursuing love at whatever cost.

Throughout the narrative that has been presented to people in different part of the globe in theatres, the artwork stands out as a marvelous piece that has profound effects of the lives of many. Beginning with the life of Juliet, the author used the character to bring out the felinity of lovers despite the feuds in the families of the two. Romeo is also used to express the intrigues characters face in the quest for happiness. The two together with other characters makes it is an understatement to state that love is a mirage since it is a reality pursued by many.

Other characters that help bring out the theme of love, as well as hatred in the play, are Prince Escalus, and Mercutio. Together, their incorporation in the play makes Romeo and Juliet a historical masterpiece. As the play came to an end, things went contrary to the expectations of many. Maybe it is because Shakespeare had intended to highlight the misunderstandings in families in Verona, as well as the implications of the conflict. Despite being composed several decades ago, the play is still relevant in the modern day theaters. As of 2013, there were still artists using Shakespeare script in coming up with similar composition. The composition is described as a tragedy since the unfolding events led to the separation of couples envied by many at the beginning of their relationship. The love was overshadowed by the prevalent hate as described at the beginning of the play.

In conclusion, the composition is a great piece of artwork for use in enlightening people about the ongoing on the society. In addition to puzzling the audiences, the play highlights the theme of love in a manner that arouses the emotions of the audiences. Unlike previous plays on the relationship, Romeo and Juliet stands out for employing all manner of techniques in making literacy works stand the test of time.

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