Cheating on your physics homepaper

Cheating on your physics homepaper

Cheating can seem like a great way to get your homework done without putting in any effort, but it won’t stand to you in the long run. Here are a few simple reasons why you should never cheat, and what to expect if you do.

You Don’t Gain Real Knowledge

Homework is designed to remind you of what you studied during the day. If you don’t do it, you’ll end up forgetting roughly ninety percent of what you learned. Homework helps to keep all that new information inside. Sure, you might be getting good reports on paper, but in reality you’re not learning anything new.

You’ll be Screwed For the Exams

Homework can built up a good repertoire of information for your final exams. Often, a teacher will use homework as a testing ground for the exams, so you can be sure a few of the questions will pop up again. If you’ve been cheating on your homework, you’ll have to cheat on your exam, too, and that can get you into some serious trouble.

You’ll Alienate Friends

If you’re cheating on your homework, chances are some of your more studious friends will start to get annoyed. After all, they put in all that effort just to scrape by, and you go off an cheat and nobody bats an eye. That is a nightmare for someone who wants to do well. So make a choice, do you want to keep cheating, or do you want to keep your friends?

You’ll Regret It Later

Any subject requires a bucket load of effort to get good at, but with physics, you can find yourself falling behind after only missing a few classes. There’s so much information o take in, and we’re discovering more and more every day. If you cheat on your homework now you can say goodbye to a career as a physicist. If you think your friends don’t like a cheater, try talking to a scientist about one.

It’s a Cycle

Cheating leads to more cheating. The more you cheat the more you have to cheat. You’ll end up so far behind you won’t even know where to begin. Better off just putting in the extra hours and doing the work, because it’ll catch up to you one way or another, and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

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