An Effective Manual For Writing A Five-Paragraph Essay

An Effective Manual For Writing A Five-Paragraph Essay

Writing an essay is not something that should confuse you. As a matter of fact this is something that you have perhaps been doing for a very long time. The only difference is that because it is now referred to as a five-paragraph paper, some students might get confused and wonder what to do. When you come to think about it, this is not something that you are supposed to worry about.

When carefully analyzing the concept of this kind of paper you will realize that there is nothing new to it. It is basically about the structure of the paper, something that you might already know for sure. Therefore you do not necessarily need to stress yourself up over it.

This is a paper that is structured in the form of an introduction, three parts to the body and a conclusion. Of course these are things that you already know. However, what you might not already know is the structure of the body of this paper. We will look into that herein and help you get some good progress when you are working on this paper.

The Body

For a five-paragraph paper, the body is normally categorized into three parts. There are three paragraphs that should constitute the body, or three distinctive sections. In the first one, you are supposed to discuss the most important point that you are trying to put across. Try and make sure that you support it with some good evidence so that as you deliver it to the reader, they can see the importance and the weight that is attached to this idea.

On the second part of the body, you are looking at the statement that holds some weight, but not as important as the first one that you just addressed. On the same note, you will also need to realize that this statement must not be carried over from the first point. However, you need to link them up so that the reader is able to see the connection between them, and also realize the fact that it is a subordinate point to the one that you presented earlier.

Finally you will need to present the last element of the body, the final piece of your puzzle. This point is fairly weaker than all the others, but is still an important part of the work you are doing.

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