5-Paragraph Descriptive Essay Topics

5-Paragraph Descriptive Essay Topics

Unlike what you are used to in elementary and high school, descriptive essay writing in college is quite different. The level of research and description used should be far higher than those of elementary and high school. In writing a descriptive paper, it is important that you go for topics or things you like. This makes it easier for you to discuss or describe the activities involved. Another helpful hint is for you to write on a topic or activity you are sure your target readers will enjoy. This is one good way of getting higher scores from your academic writing.

Now we go down to the main business of choosing a topic for your essay. It is always a difficult task to start your paper when you have no idea of what you want to write about. This should not be an issue anymore for with the fresh writing prompts included in this article, you should be ready to start writing your paper as soon as you wish. Some of the prompts include the following:

  • My first visit to my maternal home
  • My favourite hangout spot
  • The first time my family moved
  • Life as a prospective graduate
  • My experience as an international student
  • My first work experience in a toy manufacturing company
  • The best Christmas present I ever received
  • The first time I performed before a huge crowd
  • My first concert experience
  • The day I made my first public speech
  • Last summer‚Äôs family reunion
  • How I met my best friend
  • The day I missed my way in the city
  • How I got my first ever award
  • The thrills of leaning a new language
  • The best day in my life
  • The first time I flew in an aircraft
  • My experience as a college freshman
  • My first day at the dormitory
  • My graduation day from high school

With the listed writing prompts above, you will now agree with me that choosing a topic for your 5-paragraph descriptive essay is not that much of a difficult task anyway. From your elementary school to high school and then college, there are lots of activities that can make good prompts for your descriptive academic paper. All you need to do is describe them in very interesting way, proofread, edit and submit to your tutor.

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