4 Reasons Not To Use A Free Essay You Find Online

4 Reasons Not To Use A Free Essay You Find Online

While it is unethical and offensive to copy someone else’s work, it is intelligent and strategic to derive inspiration from it. This is the logic you must use while writing an essay on a topic you have knowledge on, but are not enriched with powerful perspectives.

Copy and paste

The easiest thing to do is pick a free essay available online and assert that as your own work. However, the act will not take you far; it will actually stilt your growth. This is nothing but daylight robbery perpetrated in the confines of your home or a cyber café. Not on!

Here are 4 reasons why you should not indulge in such acts:

  1. You will be noted as a plagiarist – Do not for a moment think that your injudicious act will pass the teacher’s and fellow student’s observation unscathed. They are also versed with the Net and can always find out whether you have copied from available essays.
  2. Your future assignments will be in a cloud – Even if you follow honest means in your future essay, the teacher will always view at it in an askance manner. The cloud over you will loom large and your reputation will be seriously hampered. The teacher may also not be lenient in according you marks for the work.
  3. This will stilt your growth – By picking a freely available essay, you ensure that you do not raise in one little sweat. Thus, your knowledge on the subject remains superficial; whatever you gained from reading it. Since you did not indulge in self-discoveries or research, your knowledge remains woefully restricted.
  4. You encourage these digressive acts – People post and float the free online essays for they know there are students who will avail them. Thus, their existence and strength depends on students like you who feed on these assignments. By not taking help from them or not lifting these pieces, you nip the whole act in the bud, depressing the tendency. It is almost a form of raising a voice against an act of anarchy; an act which is bound to help the future students.

To err is human

Remember, it is human to errand every student makes a mistake at one point or another. However, it is better if you learn from your mistakes and introduce such traits as to make you stronger without heeding to these unethical measures. They may be excellent temporary remedies but come with harsh permanent side-effects.

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